Best Practice

At Oxfordshire Cricket Bats we strongly advise the following to ensure your new cricket bat is maintained correctly and prepared to ensure excellent performance and longevity.

Ensure your new bat is knocked in and prepared for use properly,(see below)

Store the bat in a cool, environment avoiding excessive heat ,damp or cold.

Avoid unnecessary or aggressive 'tapping' of the bat particularly on hard or wet pitches.

If your bat becomes unavoidably wet,allow it to dry naturally and seek advise if swelling occurs.

Only use your bat against good quality cricket balls, cheap cricket balls will damage your bat.

An anti scuff sheet and edge tape will help limit damage and prolong the life of your bat.


All cricket bats will need and benefit from careful knocking in.

This will help improve performance and extend the bats life

Due to cricket bats being made from a natural product,(willow) and its contact with a hard ball, damage will occur, however the longer spent knocking in and preparing the bat, the better it will withstand the impact

Apply a small amount of raw linseed oil to the bat, avoiding the stickers and the handle splice

Leave to dry naturally overnight and then repeat

Your bat is now ready for knocking in

Preferably use a hard wood mallet,(we can supply these),start by hitting the bats middle to create a small indentation,then work outwards from this point to compress the bats surface,taking care along the bat edges,ONLY strike the bat edges at 45 degrees and do NOT use too much force, the idea is to round the edges off.

Again, do not strike the toe area too hard,as this will cause damage, this is the most vunerable part of a cricket bat and where most damage occurs,(fibreglass tape is a good toe and edge protector).

The knocking in process can then be followed by gentle throw downs with a good quality ball,this helps you to get used to your new bat and further prepares the bats playing surface

When the bat face no longer shows seam marks from the ball,its ready to be used.

We do not advise extended use of your new bat against hard training balls, far better to speak to us about a training bat made to your match bats specifications.

An anti scuff sheet and edge protection tape will further protect your new bat